The Epic Gospel Story

The story of the gospel is a gloriously epic story. It is not a tale. It is the grand narrative of history. It is the saga in which we are living.
It began at creation when God existed alone in the three persons of the Trinity. All of His goodness, love, and mercy was singularly condensed in Him. But God was not content to remain alone. His love demanded to be revealed, so He said “let there be light… and there was light.” He separated the waters with dry land. He divided the firmament creating the heavens above and the earth below. He caused the plant kingdom to spring up from the ground. He created and positioned the sun and the moon in their places, and filled the sky with stars. He created all the animals that dwell on the land and in the sea.
God’s glorious act of creation was complete when He formed man in His own image and granted man authority over all created things. On top of the Lord bestowing upon man the ability to create, rule, and love, God gave the man a beautiful garden to call home. He made for him a helper and mate with whom the man could share his life. God planted a tree in the garden and told the blessed pair not to eat of it. In this way, God gave mankind the free will, just as He had free will, that man might choose to do good just as He had chosen to do good.
God’s glorious act of creation was completed in only six days. On the seventh day, He rested. He saw all He made and declared that it was good… very good. When God looked upon what He created, it was like looking in the mirror. All of His love and goodness, which was once hidden in Him, was fully revealed and expressed in this creative masterpiece.
What happened next was the first and greatest act of treachery in history. Mankind rebelled against his Almighty Creator. Unlike God who always chose what was good and right, mankind chose to do evil. He foolishly believed that he could, by his own free will, become equal with God and disobeyed the one rule that was set over him.
With one duplicitous act, Mankind fell out of the grace of God. All of creation fell with him. Darkness entered into God’s perfect creation. Man was set at odds with the rest of creation. Enmity divided him from his God. Mankind was even set at odds with one another.
The only flicker of hope in the midst of the darkness wrought by man’s sin was the promise that God made to send a Savior who would set all of creation back in order. That little flame of hope endured for thousands of years, while God worked out His perfect plan of salvation. Mankind continually rebelled, but God set His face toward redemption and would not cease until His love prevailed over the darkness.
At last, the Savior was born. The Second Person of the Trinity came into the world wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger. That child grew up, and even though He was God in the flesh, He humbled Himself and permitted that He should suffer as a human being. He experienced every sorrow. He endured every temptation. In all of this, He did not sin or rebel against His father. He was obedient even to the point of dying on the cross at the hands of pagan executioners.
Of all the dark moments in creation’s history, the three days Jesus’ body lay lifeless in the grave were the darkest. Then, at last, God was gracious and faithful to raise Him up from the dead and the hope that flickered for millennia became a raging fire that spread throughout the known world as millions came to believe in Jesus as their Savior to the transformation of their entire beings.

Today, the redemption of all creation is underway. Very soon, after this gospel has spread to all nations, and after a remnant of every people is saved, Jesus will return. In an instant, the perfection of the seventh day of creation will be restored. Every enemy will be destroyed. Every creature will rejoice, especially us, for when God had every right to write us out of this grand and glorious saga, He made the choice to love us and show us mercy.