Sunday School
                       Details and Q&A
Sunday School FAQ
What is Sunday School?
Sunday School is a group of individuals of all ages and backgrounds that gather to learn about God’s Word.
Who should attend?
Everyone. No matter where you are in your spiritual walk, church members and non-members alike – EVERYONE is welcome.
Do I have to talk, read, or participate in class?
Only if you want to. There is no pressure.
Can I move around until I find a class that fits me?
Absolutely, everyone should get in where they fit in. Our classes have suggested age groups but you are more than welcome to try which ever class you want too.
How should I dress?
Our members dress in a variety of ways, from blue jeans to suits and ties. Come however you feel comfortable.
Why should I attend a Sunday School Class?
Connect with people that may be able to help you through a tough time.
Become a blessing to others – you have a story to share.
Learn about God and His master plan for you.
Discover your spiritual gifts and get experience using them.
Adult Sunday School Classes
Sunday School meets each Sunday at 9:15 a.m. See class description below for location.
Adult I: Located upstairs on the opposite end of the Children’s Department, Adult I offers two classes for men and women. Topics are geared to challenges and needs specific to this group of young adults.
Adult II: Adult II offers a class for men, a class for women, and a combined class with men and women. The variety of topics and classes make this a great group of young adults to get involved with.
Adult III: Located next door to Adult I upstairs, Adult III offers a class for men, one for women and a combined class with men and women. This group of adults is career-minded and generally has older children and face unique experiences together.
Adult IV: This group of career adults is located in the fellowship hall and is one of our largest groups.  They offer a couples class, two classes for women, and one class for men. 
Adult V: Adult V is located across from the Sunday School office and around the corner from the sanctuary. They offer classes for adult couples, singles, men, and women and consist of an array of ages and experiences.
Adult VI: Located across from the Choir Room, Adult VI is a mixed class of singles and couples. This is a vivacious group of adults that are young at heart.
 First Baptist Church is personally inviting YOU to experience the wonderful joys of Sunday School.