Mother’s Day 2018

Another Mother’s Day will soon be upon us. For many, like myself, it is a happy time of remembrance and honoring of mothers. It is a day filled with visits and phone calls, lunch dates, cards, and flowers. For others, though, it is a day of mourning. It is these that I want to encourage you to remember and minister to this year.
*Remember those whose mothers have passed away. It is coming up on four years since Jen lost her mother. The two dates on the calendar that are most difficult for her are the anniversary of her passing and Mother’s Day. It is a phone call she does not get to make, a lunch date that she cannot enjoy, and a card she cannot send. It grieves her. I and the children grieve that we cannot comfort her because we do not fully understand. Remember her, and others like her who are in your circle. Any heartfelt gesture expressing your remembrance of them during this difficult time will be well received.
*Remember mothers who have lost children. Again, for them, Mother’s Day represents a visit that they will not receive. As a father, I cannot imagine what it would be like losing a child and how bad it would hurt to be reminded of the loss every year. Our Heavenly Father hurts and grieves with those who have lost children, and grants us the opportunity to be His voice and His healing hand to them. Do not pass up an opportunity to minister to grieving mothers.
*Remember those mothers who are mothers at heart but who have yet to receive the blessing of a child. I think of Hannah in 1 Samuel 1 longing for a child and pouring out her heart unto the Lord. For Hannah, her prayer was answered. For many, today, for reasons only God knows, that same prayer is not answered… or at least not in the way they hope. These ladies who are mothers at heart should be remembered on Mother’s Day. They should be ministered to, loved on, and encouraged. 

*Remember the mothers who are not perfect. I do not think we fully understand the pressure that mothers, especially young mothers, endure. She is expected to be maid, nurse, phycologist, and taxi all-the-while juggling a job outside the home and keeping her husband happy. She has so many balls in the air, it is no wonder that she often drops one or two here and there. Then, she will come to church on Mother’s Day and the preacher will trot out the “Proverbs 31 Woman” and remind her of all the ways she falls short (I will not be doing that by the way). This year remember the mothers who struggle daily, sometimes alone, and often under unreasonable pressure to be perfect.