Mission Week Update

July 10

I want to thank everyone who has been praying for and who signed up for Mission Week (July 28- Aug 2). The Lord has really been working to bring everything together. I am excited to share this news with you, give you some updates on each project, and let you know where we have further needs for volunteers. 

SES Project

I met yesterday with Mrs. Krista Sablich, principal of Stone Elementary, to get an idea of how we would best be able to serve them as a part of our Mission Week outreach. I learned that the school district has a team of painters, but that team is shared by all the schools in the district. The elementary school needs a lot of painting, more than they can get done in time. For those who signed up for this project, painting will be a big part of your mission. I am scheduled to meet with Mrs. Sablich again on Monday to identify a specific project that we can take on. It would be very helpful to know what size team we will have, so please if you are interested and have not signed up, do so by this Sunday on the table outside the library.
Another part of the elementary school outreach will be blessing the teachers on their first day back at work (Thursday Aug 1). Mrs. Sablich indicated that the best way to be a blessing to the teachers is to do a breakfast for them, so a breakfast will be at least part of our plan to minister to them. We’ll still be working to identify other ways to encourage the elementary school teachers. Patty Rogers is in charge of the breakfast. If you want to help with the breakfast, please write your name on the signup sheet and indicate that you want to be a part of the breakfast team.

Block Party in Finkbine

Yesterday, Larry and I identified two homes in the neighborhood who were willing to host us for the block party. These homes are side by side, and we will be able to set up between the two properties (pending the landlord’s approval). It is a great location because the homes are sort of centrally located in the neighborhood. 
We have three members signed up to help with this project. We need at least that many more. Another burger/hotdog cook, someone to chaperone the bounce house, and someone who could use a soccer ball to present the gospel to the residents. (Sharing the gospel with the soccer ball is super easy, a young person could easily do it.) Let’s try to have this team filled by Sunday.

South Ms Regional Center (SMRC)

The church service at SMRC was by far the most popular one on the table last Sunday. We had six members sign up and indicate that they would like to help with this outreach opportunity. I would say that this team is pretty much full except that we need some musicians specifically a guitar player and a drummer for the jimbe. 
As a new development on the SMRC project, I heard that someone is planning to put together some goody-bags for the residents? I cannot remember who or where I heard that from, but it is a wonderful idea! Just let us know what you need from us. It might be helpful to write a little note about it on the signup sheet by Sunday.

Basketball Camp

I hope to have the registration sheets for the basketball camp available by the end of the week. I’ll post a Facebook event and promotion for this project this week. A huge need we have right now is for a couple more people to sign up. We really need a water and snacks person. It would also be great if someone would sign up to do a gospel centered object lesson with the kids each day at snack time.

Bag Stuffers

We have been working this week to get all the items ordered for the visitation bags. It should all be in in time to start stuffing on the 22. We still need two or three more helpers, and someone who will take leadership on this super important project.



An Idea from a Member

We received an idea from one of our members about doing some tutoring for kids in the neighborhood. We are working to see if we can make this happen for Mission Week. More details later, but keep this in your prayers and on your heart.




As mentioned in the Facebook post yesterday, we shifted the dividing intersection north to Border Ave. and Magnolia Dr. (roughly). This move makes the quadrants more even. You’ll also notice that there is a little “hump” in the boundary between the eastern quadrants. This keeps every homes north of Clubhouse Dr. in the NE quadrant and south of Clubhouse in the SE quadrant. 
I cannot stress to you how desperately we need more people to sign up for the visitation. I know this is uncomfortable for many of us, but I promise it will not be as bad as you think. In fact, you are going to be surprised how friendly and open your neighbors are to getting a visit from people who love and care about them. Some of your visits will not last more than about a minute. Some could last much longer if the person is open and interested. We are just going to let the Spirit lead us in how much we do or say on these visits. Some evenings we will have good “quality” visits and on other evenings we will have a good “quantity” of visits.
I am asking for you to take courage if only for this one time. You will emerge on the other side of the experience as a better more caring person. And if you have the worst experience ever, then hey… you never have to do it again. One strong push toward courageously going out in the name of Christ is all I am asking.
Remember you can sign up for more than one night of visitation. In fact, I think most people who are willing to go at least one night, should go more than one night. We currently have 10 people signed up. We can do better than that. 



Please continue to keep these efforts lifted up to the Lord in your daily prayers. Be ready to take the opportunity to participate in the prayer vigil coming up in a couple weeks. Consider giving to the Mission Week fund. The more resources we have, the more ministry we can accomplish. Finally, if you’ve not signed up to go on mission with us, please don’t wait to respond to the Lord. If He is tugging at your heart concerning one or even more of these projects, then be quick to be obedient.