Mission Week Update

July 18

I want to thank everyone who has been praying for and who signed up for Mission Week (July 28- Aug 2). The Lord has really been working to bring everything together. I am excited to share this news with you, give you some updates on each project, and let you know where we have further needs for volunteers. 

SES Project

Our team has been asked to paint all the bathrooms in the elementary school. Suzanne Hudson is taking lead on this project. We could still use some helpers even form people who cannot participate every day.

 Blessing for Teachers

This project started as an add on to the elementary school painting project but has since, by God’s blessing, morphed into something bigger and all on its own. We will be providing meals for all the faculty and staff at the elementary school, middle school, and high school. Patty Rogers is taking lead on this project along with Diane Roberts. I’m sure they could use a lot more help if you are interested.

Block Party in Finkbine

The block party team is fully staffed, and Larry is making plans. If you signed up to help with the block party, then he will be contacting you with instructions.

South Ms Regional Center (SMRC)

The team is full except we don’t have a leader yet and we could use a guitar player. Anyone interested? I’m sure some sort of rehearsal will need to be organized. Ann Kendrick is working on getting goodie bags together for the residents.

Basketball Camp

The event was posted to Facebook on Monday. The word “free” has generated a huge amount of interest on social media. We will need many more helpers. Even if you know nothing about basketball, we can use you. Love for kids and love for Jesus is the only prerequisite.

Bag Stuffers

Michelle Rogers will be leading the team of bag stuffers. If you signed up, then she will be contacting you about next week’s schedule. If you did not sign up but are interested in helping with this project then please touch base with her. Call the church office if you need her contact info.



I cannot stress to you how desperately we need more people to sign up for the visitation. I know this is uncomfortable for many of us, but I promise it will not be as bad as you think. In fact, you are going to be surprised how friendly and open your neighbors are to getting a visit from people who love and care about them. I assure you that you do not need to be an ace evangelist to participate in this project. You just have to love Jesus and love people. Any person of any age and level of Bible knowledge can help. You could help just by smiling and being present because we will go out there as teams.
You will notice that there are many blanks on those visitation signup sheets. We need lots of people to help with this so that we can accomplish the mission the Lord has assigned to us. I am asking for you to take courage if only for this one time. You will emerge on the other side of the experience as a better more caring person. And if you have the worst experience ever, then hey… you never have to do it again. One strong push toward courageously going out in the name of Christ is all I am asking.



Please continue to keep these efforts lifted up to the Lord in your daily prayers. Be ready to take the opportunity to participate in the prayer vigil coming up in a couple weeks. Consider giving to the Mission Week fund. The more resources we have, the more ministry we can accomplish. Finally, if you’ve not signed up to go on mission with us, please don’t wait to respond to the Lord. If He is tugging at your heart concerning one or even more of these projects, then be quick to be obedient.